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Hattrick Mobile

If you are accessing Hattrick with your smartphone, we recommend using our dedicated mobile site, available at m.hattrick.org.

The Hattrick mobile site is still in development. The first version, released in December 2014, includes most features necessary to manage your first and (if you have one) secondary teams.

  • Team and player details
  • Match previews
  • Match orders
  • Live viewer
  • Training settings and reports
  • Buying and selling players
  • Finance, Arena and Fan status

Right now, we only support iOS and Android smartphones. During 2015 we will prioritise adding:

  • Youth pulls and Youth academies
  • Support for community features such as messages and forums
  • A tablet-optimised interface
  • Support for Windows Phone
  • Downloadable apps for all supported platforms
  • Push notifications in aforementioned apps

Please note that Right-to-left languages (such as Arabic and Hebrew) are not yet supported. We also have no support at this time for the visually impaired.

Finally, we have not included any advertising for non-Supporters in the initial release. However, we may very well do so in the future.

Of course, you can always choose to access the regular site on your smartphone or tablet just as today.

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